Today I am an

I love to paint!

I love to paint like a little child I once was. With freedom and no boundaries! This type of fun painting is a huge part of me. When I paint I try to see the world through a child's eyes. That's a wonderful excuse to make beautiful art. It doesn't even have to be art - just fun stuff, playing with art supplies and colors, and seeing what happens in the process.

ElenaArtPages.com is a place where I share my passion for watercolor art and mixed media. As a Toronto-based artist I create unique and original whimsical paintings in mixed media and watercolor! I love painting cute character faces, adorable dresses and wild hair. Other subjects include florals, quick city or urban sketches and wild life. My painting have a feel of child's innocence and sense of peace. My watercolour paintings are full of colour and it's versatility, through which I do not only express myself but help you, my beloved customers, re-connect with your childhood and re-open this wonderful world of dreams all over again! 

Let me ask you this: when was last time when you did something like that?

I wonder if you were intimidated to paint only because someone once told you that your painting doesn't look anything like the subject you were inspired by. I know, I had my moments. Say, you aren't familiar with a color wheel or with primary colors, or even can't really sketch your subject without feeling awkward. So what! I didn't let it stop me! I am completely self taught and I am super excited to share my art and my creative journey with you! After all it is not about the finished painting. No? What is it about then? I will tell you - having fun in the process! What you see on this website is my artwork.

I hope I can help you forget about being an adult (just for a moment) - come with me into a magical world of whimsical art and paint like a child, like you were once...



Besides painting and playing with art supplies, I make my own watercolor paints. I use premium quality artist pigments and micas. The process takes a long time, a few weeks, even months. After grinding the pigment and introducing the binder to it, I mull it by hand. I use no fillers, just pure pigment, emollient and binder. Some colors may contain honey and are a bit more "liquid". I use pure 100% Canadian honey.

The pans are filled 1/3 at a time. To fill the whole pan it takes 3-4 fills, each with drying time of 1-3 weeks in between. Some cracking of the paints is natural (it doesn't affect the quality of the paints. Most of the time I make small custom sets, and since some of the pigments are hard to come by, they are sold in limited quantities. So please sign up to my mailing list if you are interested in being notified when the colours become available.

You can also contact me with custom requests. Depending on what I have in stock, I can create a custom palette for you. With love, Elena