VOLCANIC 4 Set Handmade Watercolors in a cute tin

VOLCANIC 4 Set Handmade Watercolors in a cute tin

Set of 4 large pans handmade watercolors, in a beautiful sliding tin.



Try out my handmade watercolors. Made by myself, Elena at ElenaArtPages.com.
All of these paints are handmade with artist pigment.

4 large pans.

Tin size: 6cm (2.3inches) x 5cm (1.9inches), height: 1.7cm (0.66inches), white enamel on the inside, colorful design on the sliding lid.


The colours are:

1-VOLCANIC BLUE (beautiful subdued medium blue with lots of character, shimmer)

2-TOPAZ (extremely rich, very sparkly gorgeous medium beige nude with warm underlayer)

3-SHIMMER ORANGE (iridescent)

4-VAN DYKE BROWN (deep, non shimmer dark brown, transparent)

I use no fillers, just pure pigment and binder. Some colors may contain honey and are a bit more "liquid". I use pure Canadian honey. Some cracking of the paints is natural (it doesn't affect the quality of the paints).


Thank you!