30 color set Handmade Watercolors set B

30 color set Handmade Watercolors set B

Handmade watercolors, 30 half pan, SET A.

This palette consists of a variety of rich pigments. Some are shimmer and some are not. Hand made by myself, Elena at ElenaArtPages.com.

All of these paints are handmade with artist pigment.

Tin palette size: 5.25 inch x 3.5 inch x 2 cm (0.8 inch). Soft pink tin color.



30 half pans.

The colours are:

2-Beach (muted sand peach color)
3-Tea Rose (dusty rose, gorgeous muted color)
4-Metallic Red
5-Bold Pink

6-Permanent Magenta
7-Brilliant Jaune (matt pale shell yellow, excellent for making skintones and adding to colors)
8-Pearl Rose (pale shimmer rose)

9-Iridescent Green Brown

10-Inferno Red

11-Satin Pink (lavender pink shimmer)

12-Decadent Red (NEW COLOR - dark red, non shimmer)

13-Brilliant Jaune (matt pale shell yellow, excellent for making skintones and adding to colors)

14-Bloom (earth pink shimmer, very sparkly)

15-Slate Blue

16-Ice Blue

17-Ultramarine blue

18-Burnt Umber Violet (gorgeous warm deep brown)

19-Kissed Ginger (medium brown with light shimmer)

20-Chromium Green Oxide (excellent for paining vegetation)

21-Blue Breeze shimmer

22-Midnight blue (iridescent deep blue)

23-Lavender Haze iridescent

24-Iridescent Purple

25-Cascade Green Medium (with soft shimmer)

26-Lime Green

27-Turquoise Pale

28-Waves (medium to light iridescent blue)

29-Blue Bell (soft pale periwinkle blue, non shimmer)



I use no fillers, just pure pigment and binder. Some colors may contain honey and a bit more "liquid". I use pure Canadian honey.

Some cracking of the paints is natural (it doesn't affect the quality of the paints).


Thank you!

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